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Emcees in High Demand as Events Surge Post-COVID: Merry Media Leads the Way in Exceptional Event Hosting

Grand News Network | May 22, 2024

Singapore, 22nd May 2024 - With the world making its journey back to in-person events, there has been an increase in demand for skilled emcees for events ranging from dinners and dances to corporate functions. Merry Media has proven they are the go-to emcee service provider during such a period. The live events, once again, shone a light on the need for experienced emcees to ensure an unforgettable time for the attendees.

Emcees: The Architects of Event Success

Our professional emcees at Merry Media are not mere hosts but the cornerstones of a successful event. From setting the tone, design, and tempo, the emcees maintain the audience’s attention and activity, ensuring the smooth flow of the event. Moreover, their experience allows them to have a feel of the room, making necessary changes to keep the audience dynamic and entertained.

Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere

Setting the right mood is an important aspect of organising any event, and Merry Media's professionals are outstanding. Whether you want a dynamic atmosphere for a corporate event or a softer one for a gala dinner, our emcees can pull it off perfectly. They are fun to work with and always keep the audience involved.

Seamless Event Planning & Execution

Merry Media’s emcee services uniquely extend beyond the stage to encompass our clients from inception to materialisation and vice versa. Our event planners and emcees assume command before or during an event to steer the parts you justify and keep your guests engaged. This is accomplished not only through their occasional jokes and comments but also by their audiovisual responsibilities. This comprehensive management allows our team to deliver an experience that resonates with your congregation long after your event.

Bilingual Emcees for Singapore's Diverse Celebrations

Understanding the diverse spectrum of Singaporean culture and language, Merry Media offers bilingual emcees who are ready to engage with all of your guests at your corporate dinner, dance, or festive occasion. Whether you are hosting a sophisticated, lighthearted, or extravagant event, our emcees are adept at adapting their approach to suit any atmosphere. With their fluency in two or three languages, the emcees can connect with your attendees and keep them engaged.

Client Testimonials

Our clients' experiences speak volumes about the quality of our services:

Mr. Cheng Ostrova from Agoda Singapore: “We recently engaged Merry Media's services for our D&D, and they did an excellent job understanding our needs and making spot-on recommendations. The talents were flawless, and the crowd loved them! Big thank you to the team!”

Mr. Nicholas Sim from Competition & Commission of Singapore: “Merry Media's performance at our D&D created a fantastic ambience. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the sound team was accommodating and adaptable to on-the-ground changes. Thanks again!”

About Merry Media

With over nine years of experience in the events and entertainment industry, Merry Media, a part of the Merry Bees group, has produced countless successful events. Our in-house design and production team delivers exceptional content creation, videography, and live-stream productions, positioning us as a key player in the industry.

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